First LCR wax is coming out! LCRW001

At the beginning of March, after 4 years on digital world, LCR come on the wax with his first release. On the release we will find a Unam Zetineb already on LCR family, and he has released on really good labels last past years.

Unam sign 2 original tracks, focused on smash the dancefloor, with plenty groove. On the remixes sides we find to LISS C., manager owner of LCR that comes on the first wax, doing a really good remix. Ben Gibson another talented producer for many many years comes on board also with an amazing remix.

Only will be available on limited vinyl, no repress, no digital.

Check this release on Decks.

ENVELOPE STRUCTURE PODCAST 007 Envelope Structure 006 Xpansul


Envelope Structure Podcast 00 with Xpansul (Part 2)


Tracklist not available.


ES Team.







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ENVELOPE STRUCTURE PODCAST 006 Envelope Structure 006 Xpansul


Envelope Structure Podcast 006 with Xpansul (Part 1)


Tracklist not available.


ES Team.







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ENVELOPE STRUCTURE PODCAST 004 Envelope Structure 004 Antonio de Angelis


Envelope Structure Podcast 004 with Antonio de Angelis


1 - Coppice Halifax - River (Inland)
2 - Cassegrain - Resilin
3 - Donor - Calling
4 - Korridor - Binocular Observer (Ness Remix)
5 - Antonio de Angelis - Danzer
6 - Claudio PRC - 992 HPA (Svreca Remix)
7 - Arnaud Le Texier - Continuum
8 - E110 - E110 VF3
9 - Woo York - Siberian Night (Edit Select Remix)
10 - Samuli Kemppi - Tailgating
11 - Unam Zetibeb - Silence (Sleeparchive Remix)
12 - Jonas Kopp - Tau Ceti

ES Team.


We are pleased to present you our new Podcast channel.

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By the moment, we have three available episodes for your enjoyment:

ES Podcast 001 with Groof

ES Podcast 002 with Pulse One (live act)

ES Podcast 003 with SOJ

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JOSE POUJ - BIOGRAPHY Jose Pouj 2013 600

Jose Pouj’s career in the world of music began in 1999, when he started playing records in small clubs at the tender age of 15. This took place in the region of Spain where he hails from, Castilla-León, and little by little his territory expanded.

Following an unstoppable trajectory with its usual ups and downs, as well as the occasional dead periods owing to the cyclic crises of the electronic music industry, it was not until 2002 that he was signed up as resident deejay at a local club where the most innovative and industrial sounds of the time were being played. He was only eighteen.

From then on, Jose Pouj got residencies at clubs such as Zeus (Medina del Campo) or the renowned Txitxarro (Bilbao), where he was joined in the DJ booth by artists of national stature like Pepo, Wavesound, Oscar Croma, Oscar Mulero, Reeko, Exium and many more.

His sessions fluctuate between industrial/experimental techno and hard-tech, his reference being producers of the stature of Shed, Aphex Twin, The Black Dog, Autechre, Surgeon, Regis, Oscar Mulero, etc.

Five years later, in 2007, he travelled to Madrid to take his first steps into music production. In the capital of Spain he lived one of the most important events of his career: after many efforts and hard work, he created his own label, Injected Poison Records. In 2008 he started producing his own music.
To this day Jose Pouj has released seven EPs in collaboration with artists such as Radial, Grovskopa, Exium, Christian Wünsch, Event7, Kike Pravda, Agony Forces, etc., until he was blessed with a chance to work with the great Oscar Mulero. Together they have recently recorded Injected Poison Records’ fourth release (Meta). Presently, records by Injected Poison are distributed to the whole world by the prestigious TripleVision Dutch record store.

Bas Mooy Interview

basmooyDear Bas is a pleasure for us have you on our first interview, King of Echo Echo is the first vinyl release coming up on Blind Spot Music, Could you let us know more about your original track?

Well, I'm happy the release will finally be out, since there has been some delay on it. The original track was done quite some time ago actually, so it's nice to see it being released now. Never really try to talk or explain too much about a track, rather have people just listen to it and decide if they like it or not.

The release also come with 3 amazing remixes of your original track, Justin Berkovi, D.Carbone & Ascion and Gabeen & Dr Hoffmann. What do you think about the whole release? Is what you finally expect?

BSMLP01 Review on Shared Noise


BSMLP01okRelease Date: 03.02.2014

Blind Spot Music has continuously delivered the Techno goods for over the last 3 years on the digital front. Finally it releases its first physical release in the way of vinyl!

 We have got together some of our favourite artists of the past few years for this milestone. The original is delivered by none other than Bas Mooy. King of the Echo Echo is exactly that and as such there are some beautiful and subtle use of the echo it is simple yet such an elegant piece of Techno. Remixes by the legendary Justin Berkovi sees him lay the tracks foundation early on and dips in and out of echo filled percussion and synths leading to a wonderfully crafted breakdown before roaring straight back into action.

Ascion & D.Carbone take is heavy duty and thunders along taking no prisoners. It is held together with a white noise, rumbling beats and baseline with stabs that will leave you wanting more. Blind Spot's very own Gabeen & Dr Hoffmann who never fail to deliver. Produce a beautiful soundscape, which progresses with echoed fill claps and hi-hats accompanied by a beautiful synth that will have you lost in your own world.


Unam Zetineb chart


Spanish producer Unam Zetineb add his chart for this month, the producer that is actually climbing on the top label releases leave a chart full of energy and dark textures including 2 tracks that we already have in promotion and upcoming one.

The first one is signed by his own on LCR, first vinyl release on LCR, called Discard. Unam shows will not come alone on that release, making remixes on it, LISS C. remix charted this month, and Ben Gibson who is actually one of the residents on the London parties Danzed and Confused.



Innigo Kenedy chart

Innigo Kennedy add his January chart on Resident Advisor, 10 top nocht tracks including the upcoming vinyl signed by Bas Mooy .- King of Echo Echo. Release that will be out next 3rd of February worldwide on Blind Spot Music.

Release that is already on promotion and got early feedbacks by: Luke Slater, Dave Clarke, Dustin Zahn, Tommy fourSeven, Rebekah, Chris Liebing, Laurent Garnier and many others.

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