MGLP001 - Rooteo & Mahura - Mettā MGLP001

Label: Made in Green Rec.
Cat Num: MGLP001

Artist: Rooteo & Mahura
Rel. Name : Mettā

Rel. Date: 5/Oct/2017
Format: Tape/Digital

1. Rooteo & Mahura - Ceremonia
2. Rooteo & Mahura - Afromantra
3. Rooteo & Mahura - Sharing Vibes
4. Rooteo & Mahura - Earth Vibration
5. Rooteo & Mahura - Zascandiles
6. Rooteo & Mahura - Psychofunk
7. Rooteo & Mahura - Sincrotune
8. Rooteo & Mahura - Caxixi
9. Rooteo & Mahura - Harmal

Mettā is a Pakrit word meaning benevolence; it is also an important concept in Buddhist and Hindu scripture, the practice of meditating to direct amity outwards. As the title of the debut album from the duo of Rooteo & Mahura for Made in Green Records, it captures the
atmosphere of their expansive, dub-oriented sound, which reaches outwards while maintaining its deep, meditative sensibility.
The Eastern feeling doesn’t stop at the title: the buzzing, tamboura-like electronics of the ambient-dub highlight ‘Sharing Vibes’ suggest expansive mysticism, as do the finelymanipulated
droning electronics of ‘Earth Vibration’ or the strings, tablas, and odd
tonalities of opener ‘Ceremonia’ and closer ‘Harmal’, which brings the album full-circle.
The influence remains audible throughout the album, but this is far from another Eastern pastiche, especially in the its second half where more propulsive tendencies take over,
blurring the line between techno and world sounds from Jamaica to Berlin to Mumbai.
Tracks like ‘Sincrotune’, where a forceful dub techno architecture underlies more aggressive, experimental electronics, positions itself between the East and outer space, and the deft, otherworldly synthesizer swells of ‘Caxixi’ play counterpoint with its more
traditional ethnic sounds. ‘Psychofunk’ clearly puts the duo in its proper European context, a Spanish sampled vocal, funky house bassline, and dark, bass-heavy talkbox vocoder lines taking the album onto the dancefloor.
With its contrasting halves and careful assemblage of wide-ranging world influences synthesized with expertly-wrought, cutting edge production, Rooteo & Mahura’s work sits easily alongside other celebrated electronic fusion albums while exceeding many of them
in quality. Whether for meditation at home or in the motion of the dance, Mettā is an accomplished debut for both the duo and Made In Green and a solid foundation for things
to come.

Made in Green Rec.


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