DV001 - David Meiser - Dark Legacy DV-001

Label: Dark Vortex
Cat Num: DV-001

Artist: David Meiser
Rel. Name :Dark Legacy

Rel. Date: 18/Sept/2017
Format: Vinyl / Digital / USB Box (Collector's Edition)

1. David Meiser - The Agoge (Intro)
2. David Meiser - My Game
3. David Meiser - Dasein
4. David Meiser - Vortex
5. David Meiser - Quorum Sensing
6. David Meiser - Skin Response
7. David Meiser - Insolent Radiance
8. David Meiser - Fractals
9. David Meiser - The Shaman
10. David Meiser - String Theory
11. David Meiser - Farewell

After 5 years of releasing on some techno's most important labels such as Synewave, Nachtstrom Schallplatten, Kobayashi and AFU Limited, David Meiser now releases his first album - Dark legacy -. composed of 11 tracks that hold a perfect balance between hypnotic patterns, robust rhythmic structures and darkness. The work has been released as the first reference on Meiser's own imprint - Dark Vortex -. The album has been released as a special edition double vinyl with accompanying silver ink folder and printed inner sleeves also available as a collector's edition USB Box with the logo engraved in laser.

Dark Vortex


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